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Mark O. D'Harlingue

About Mark

Mark D’Harlingue has a BFA with majors in Illustration & Graphic Design and an Associate in Graphic Design and Photography. He spent his early professional career coming up through the photographic ranks. Starting out in a darkroom, hands in chemistry, printing for commercial photographers and working as an assistant to a number of photographers in a variety of specialties.

 The Digital revolution sent him back to school to upgrade his skills both as a photographer and illustrator. Not only re-learning the craft of photography, but finally getting to blend his skills as a designer, painter and draftsman. His post- production experience in Photoshop gave him unprecedented control of the new photographic medium.

Over the years he has worn many hats in the commercial imaging field which has given him insight into the abilities and limitations of the medium. A team player with the ability to take someone’s vision and make it a reality; the flexibility to make changes on the fly; and the experience to bring more options to the table; would make him an asset to your creative team. 

Photography, like all visual art forms, are acts of seeing, interpreting and documenting. His years of experience with film gives him the technical expertise to control exposure, color and take a balanced lighting approach, to set the mood and tone of the image. His understanding and eye for color, along with his ability to manipulate and control the hue, value and chroma in a digital format, is essential in setting the mood and cohesiveness of the image. Finally his attention to detail is probably his best attribute.